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Two Year & Three Year Old Program

As your toddler continues to grow we will continue to introduce more routine and structure to their activities and daily schedule. In the Two-Three year old program your child will build on their vocabulary, learn functional numerical skills, and will be encouraged to use simple reasoning and their words to explain every day occurrences. A lot of focus is placed on potty training and on peer social interactions in the two year old program.  Students have ample opportunity to explore Learning Centers and participate in dramatic play with their peers.  As the Students continue to grow they will develop their peer social skills, build friendships, as well as meet academic milestones like recognizing some letters and some letter sounds. 


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Permission to Administer Medicine Form

Parent Authorization must be provided for our staff to adminster any over the counter or prescription medications. Items must be proviced in its original container and labeled clearly with the child's name. 

Early Beginnings CDC 11330 Rozzelles Ferry Road Charlotte NC 28214  PH: 704-392-5530  Fax: 704-943-5445

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