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EBCDC Before and After School, and Back-up Care (and Summer Camp)         ...on the Jackson Day School campus
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When Early Beginnings opened in 2005 we had one School Age Before/After School room with 24 children it. After years of graduating preschoolers to Kindergarten and not having space to enroll them in the After school Class, EBCDC moved the School Age room to a leased facility where it became the School-Age "Program" and increased the student enrollment. Eventually that After School Program moved to a leased school building and spawned Mountain Island Day School as an accredited K-12 private school in 2009. The two programs worked in tandem and moved again to a larger location on Little Rock Road. In 2017 Mountain Island Day School converted to become Mountain Island Day Community Charter School (later in 2021 to be renamed Jackson Day School) and the programs now operate as two separate organizations on the same campus, still working together to meet the Educational and Care needs of our community. 


Early Beginnings operates the Before/After School and Summer Camp programs on the Jackson Day School campus. Our goal every day is to provide a positive and engaging atmosphere in a Christian environment for our students outside of their regular school day. 

During Before-School care, students gather together for low-key socializing, table activities, a provided breakfast snack, and morning prayer to prepare them for their day ahead.

In After-School, students have a catered afternoon meal and rotate through activities such as Homework time, Playground time, Group play, weekly Chapel (when covid guidelines allow), and free time.


After-School students who have extracurricular activities on campus after the school day ends are taken to them by school staff and then are picked up by staff to rejoin the after-school group until they are picked up by their parents.


2023-2024 Before/After/Backup Care Plans and Tuition

The following plans have been created to meet the needs of families during their work and school week responsibilities as well as their budgets. These are the only available plans.   *See the full Tuition Policy and Procedures at the link at the bottom.

                                            Before School Hours:             6:30 am to the School Bell

                                After School Hours:               School Bell to 6:00 pm  

                                Backup Care Hours:               6:30 am - 6:00 pm


                                                                                                      (10% Sibling Discount not shown)

Before School Only:          Monday--Friday                               $ 28.00 p/w                  *p/w = per week per child

After School Only:             Monday--Friday                               $ 74.00 p/w                  ** Registration Fee: $40.00 p/y, p/c

Before AND After School: Monday--Friday                               $ 88.00 p/w   

Back-Up Care Day             Per Day                                             $ 28.00 p/d p/c             (minus deductions if paid for B/A School)

Backup Care for school holidays/Closings

     1 . For days during a week you have NOT already paid for a before or after school program, and for those not enrolled

          in the regular school-age program:                                 $ 28.00 p/d               *p/d = per day per child

                   (For Example, a full week out of school at Christmas where there are no school days. Or, a day of no school for

                   someone not enrolled in before or after school usually.

                    Early Release days for students enrolled After School have no extra charge)


      2. For days during a week you have already paid for a before or after school program: 

                   (For Example, school was in session Monday through Wednesday, and out Thursday and Friday. The week of usual

                   care was paid for, so the cost of additional backup care day hours is reduced.

               - For those who paid for Before School only:                 $ 23 p/d     (for each back-up care day per child)

               - For those who paid for After School only:                    $ 18 p/d     (for each back-up care day per child)

               - For those who paid for Before and After School:         $ 13 p/d     (for each back-up care dayper child)


              * Sibling discounts are allotted to the full week of care paid, so are not deducted from these reduced back up care prices

Online Registration Resources


To enroll, you must complete the: 

  1. Registration Form and Med. Form

  2. Policy Agreement Form, and

  3. Pay the Registration Fee.

You must receive a confirmation of enrollment your child can be dropped off (and complete other miscelaneous forms.)

During the Covid-19 Pandemic,

the EBCDC School Age program will operate with the same response guidelines as Jackson Day School in order to maintain as safe and healthy an environment as possible.

Please refer to the information provided by Jackson Day School for the most current Covid-19 sanitation protocols in use. 

How to make Weekly Tuition Payments

Weekly tuition payments can be made via debit/credit

card using our ProCare Parent Portal
** We no longer use the square site for tuition payments, only for Registration. 

- Create an account at   (if you do not already have one)  

- Receive a Welcome Email to guide you through the setup process. 

* ProCare has an auto-draft or manual option.

* Money orders and checks are also accepted.


Tuition is Due by close of Friday for the next week.

Cick here for the Full Tuition Policy/Procedures 

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