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Summer Camp 2019                                at Mountain Island Day  

Camp Hours: 7:00am-6:30pm, M-F                                                                For Kids from all schools and all locations

Summer Camp is offered by Early Beginnings CDC on the Mountain Island Day campus 

and is open to students from any school, Kindergarten through 8th Grades.


Program Overview

2019 Summer Camp Details

2019 Summer Camp Details

Early Beginnings operates the School Age Program, which includes Before/After School, Bussing and Summer Camp on the Mountain Island Day campus. 

For over 14 years Early Beginnings has celebrated the joy of summer with local families, and has held it at MID since Early beginnings founded the school in 2009.  Summer Camp goes from the first day school is out to the last. Each summer has a main theme with weekly sub themes and classes divided into five different age groups

Every week involves swimming, art projects, games, activities, age appropriate field trips and good-ol' fashion fun.

Families can sign up for Traditional Camp which encompasses the whole summer start to finish, or for Need Based Camp, which lets a family choose only the specific weeks they need in advance when it is less than 10 weeks. We also offer 2-day or 3-day enrollment for those who need part time fun. Tuition prices are adjusted for the nature of all summer or need-based care.  Our camps are hands-on and involve kids getting creative, inventive and adventurous! (Traditional Camp assumes families will be gone at least one week during the summer so that absence is already averaged out in the tuition to provide a steady lower rate.)

Every week centers around one of the moving songs from the box-office hit, The Greatest Showman. Each song has its own inspirational lyrics set in the context of Biblical truths and a whole lot of fun!


Kick-Off Karaoke will teach students the lyrics of the songs

Weekly Devotions will teach students the biblical applications

Carny-Challenges will bring recreation through a circus figure

Carny-Crafts will bring imagination and skills to life.

June 10-14  "This is Where You Want to Go"

          God is where the lost go to get found, and where walls             come down. Carny: Ring Master

June 17-21  "Never Enough"

         We will never find contentment and joy in

         worldly goods. Only God is enough. 

         Carny: World's Heaviest Man

                       June 24-28  "This is Me" 

                       You are wonderfully made, and 

                       and are worthy of God's love

                       Carny: Bearded Lady

                       July 1-5  "Rewrite The Starts" #1

                       God created no walls between people.

                       Tear down the walls and change the world.                                Carny: Trapeze Lady

July 8-12  "Rewrite The Stars" #2

        Jesus is the only mediator between you and God. God             calls you to him and seeks after you.Carny: Tattooed Man

July 15-19  "The Other Side" #1

        God calls us to an amazing life, not by world standards

        Carny: World's Tallest Man

July 22-26  "The Other Side" #2

        To have that amazing life, we must do it in relation to                  other people. Carny: Siamese Twins

July 29-Aug 2  "From Now On" #1

        Count on God, not the shiny things of this world. 

        Carny: Albino Twins

Aug 5-9  "From Now On" #2

        Love and forgive because God forgives and calls you               back. Carny: Horse Riders

Aug 12-16  "Come Alive"

        Light a passion to go out into the world.

        Carny: Smallest Man

Aug 19-23  "A Million Dreams"

        Love others as I have loved you. Carny: Clowns

2019 Summer Camp Activity Fees: (a one time fee)


Rising 5y Kindergartners - 5th grade..........$150.00*

Rising 6th grade and up..............................$100.00*

Need-Based................................................$ Included in weekly tuition


*Campers may be asked to bring in recycled items to use during camp for crafts as well.  Examples: cereal boxes, coke bottles, toilet paper holders, boxes, etc.


*Campers in rising 5th grade and up are required to have a Carowinds Season Pass prior to the first day of camp.

* For Traditional Camp, your Activity Fee is required to reserve your spot and complete enrollment.

* Download the two documents below for enrollment.




2019 Summer Camp Tuition:  (weekly)    ** INCLUDES LUNCH


Traditional Camp (Minimum of 10 weeks)

Rising 5 year old Kindergartners...........................$145.00

Rising 1st grade and up.........................................$130.00


Need-Based (Campers attending less than 10 weeks)

Rising 5 year old Kindergartners............................$165.00

Rising 1st grade and up.........................................$150.00

*The Activity Fee is included in Need-Based weekly tuition. 

*Need-Based enrollmentis confirmed by your first week's tuition paid at registration in order to reserve your space.

*Campers in 5th-8th grade must have a Carowinds season pass.

*10% Sibling discount off the oldest sibling.

*Once camp begins you may not change Tuition plans

2019 Summer Camp Details

Complete the Forms Below

Call Summer Camp Staff at 704-391-5516

Early Beginnings CDC 11330 Rozzelles Ferry Road Charlotte NC 28214  PH: 704-392-5530  Fax: 704-943-5445

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